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I worked with Crib Doctor founder Cam Perro to develop his understanding of using social media to draw positive attention to his company. Through focused consultations, I was able to create this clean, dark themed site to house his portfolio of work, and together with constantly updated Instagram strategy, was able to build an online presence which attracted enough attention leading to being booked years in advance.

My friend Kristin Johnston was an Bikram Yoga instructor in Halifax, NS. When she was murdered in March of 2016, her family approached me to create a website to bring awareness about her death and to raise funds for personal development programs in her honour. I created the site and organised the Paypal accounts to accept donations in time for a nation wide memorial event. The site is currently still accepting donations. Please visit the site if you wish to contribute.

This Peterborough area HVAC company needed their website updated. I analysed their site and drew up a new site map. I designed the layout, arranged the elements, and wrote out lessons for the staff on how to draw positive attention to their company through effective social media use. Site has launched in April 2017.

I actively consult with them about their design and advertising concerns.

I built this website using Wix. Almost anyone can build one these days, but for the most part, some people just lack the strategical and design background to build an effective site. With focused research, I can build sites to satisfy the advertising needs of various types of businesses, and create social media strategies in line with their specific industry. 

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