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At the end of my time at Humber, a friend asked me to work with his team organizing a fund raiser for the Heart and Stroke foundation. By 2010 I had attended, organized and thrown so many kinds of parties I almost started throwing them by accident. I was rocking out in the laundromat.

We named the event Paint Sounds, an interactive art installation with live music. In the weeks leading to the event, I sourced for sponsors and donations for the silent auction, designed the logo, poster and tickets, scouted and signed the headlining funk band Your New Friends, gathered two other painters to perform live art with me on canvases during the event that were then donated to the silent auction, and oversaw the set up and take down the arts and music components. I was also responsible for "disaster response" in the event of a tube of paint getting stepped on, or readying tarps for a potential downpour on our open stage full of equipment. 

I was also broke, couch surfing to avoid transit costs, and finishing my internship at a sports marketing firm to graduate from Humber.

We raised over $5,000 for Heart and Stroke that night.

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