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In my travels I've come to understand that you never hear anything when things are going smoothly, and when things get hectic and start coming apart, seldom few are capable of taking action in the heat of that disastrous moment.. but problem solving skills don't come from having everything lined up nicely for you when you get there, they're from having to constantly navigate suddenly appearing seemingly impossible obstacles, and over coming them.

If there's one thing I truly enjoy, it's a room full of inspired people working to solve a dynamic problem bringing it to completion with a creative solution. (It's a nice change from walking into a total meltdown totally unprepared.) In a think tank environment, I've been involved in research projects lasting from an afternoon, to months on end. It's with these experiences my strategic approach has become valuable insight for many.

All this applies directly to almost any business model. Having seen the internal workings of many mid sized companies offering very different goods and services, I am able to catch logistical issues, and ineffective media design, to growth and expansion obstacles.


Gotta problem? 


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