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Classes at Humber College started January 2008. Within a month, a friend got me into a small basement apartment in a rooming house three blocks from the campus. By May, we had filled the remaining places in the house, and we started hosting art parties.
I didn't want to put the address on the invite, so I just put 44 Villains.
It stuck. 
Started innocently enough with a handful of friends, couple cases of beer, one canvas, 20 cans of spray paint, and an amp cranking tunes. By August, we had upwards of 150 people attend, at least 3 kegs of a beer that will remain nameless, hundreds of cans of spray paint, every other kind of dye, stain and pigment, and multiple large canvases including skateboard decks and snowboards. We encouraged people to wear white, we made stencils, we put oil paint in peoples hands and gave them canvases. 

I called it the Aerosol Ball.

It was also a nightmare to clean up.

I'll spare you the pictures.

Six months after that I was co-organizing the Heart and Stroke Foundation fund raiser Paint:Sounds, mentioned in the previous page.

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